March 11, 2009

Tweeting Reilly

So sports blogger extraordinaire Drew Magary decided to mock Rick Reilly, and make Twitter the place to do it. Thus was born "Rick Rielly," a mock feed for the world's most cloying sports columnist. Some of the highlights, before the feed was pulled earlier this week:

"Dave Lao was born without a pituitary gland. Yet his love of Nordic skiing grows by the day. Funny how that works."

"They have the Audacity of Rope. They're the Squaw Valley Junior College tug of war team."

"Eight-time World Boomerang Association champion Keith Murdock is always quick with a comeback!"

"There's brave. Then there's Don Teed brave. Never heard of him? Not surprising, considering he's always shunned the limelight and he's dead."

I'm debating whether to start Twittering myself. On the one hand, I think I'd like it; on the other, I already waste enough time each day with Facebook and Google Reader.

Posted by Stephen Silver at March 11, 2009 10:11 PM
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