March 12, 2009

Sports Radio Moment of the Day

On Mike Missanelli's ESPN 950 show today, the host shared that "reports out of Arizona" have the Cardinals already offering Anquan Boldin around, with the Eagles and Giants as the leading contenders. This had already been reported in recent days, but the new reports added another wrinkle- both teams have already submitted offers.

The "offers," per this report, were two first round picks and a third rounder from the Giants, but a mere second-rounder and third-rounder from the Eagles. For the next hour, this was held up as further evidence that the Eagles don't have what it takes to win.

Here's the problem- the "reports" don't seem to actually exist. Google News turns up no results for such a thing, and both Pro Football Talk and National Football Post- both of which tend to jump on this sort of thing within minutes- contain no mention of it (PFT, in fact, reports that Boldin isn't on the block after all.) If you're going to kill the Eagles, at least do it based on something that's actually factual.

Even beyond that- if the Giants were offering two #1s, wouldn't the deal have been done already? And even if the reports actually existed, how do we know it wasn't leaked by one side, another, or Boldin's agent? What if the Eagles' "offer" was just a first offer and not a final one?

Mikey Miss, you may remember, spent most of last July demanding that the Phillies unload their entire farm system for C.C. Sabathia, because there's no way they'd be good enough to win the World Series otherwise. They didn't trade for Sabathia, they did win the World Series, and even beat the Sabathia-powered Brewers in the NLDS.

Posted by Stephen Silver at March 12, 2009 09:58 PM
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