March 17, 2009

Quote of the Day

Reuben Frank, on the Eagles' unpopular offseason:

Stop blasting Andy Reid for a moment and ask yourself whether maybe a guy whose team has reached five NFC Championship Games in the last eight years might actually have a clue what heís doing.

Think about it.

Itís easy to rip Reid and the Eagles. Theyíre an easy target. They havenít won a Super Bowl. Reid is rarely enlightening or insightful in interviews. Good information from the front office rarely reaches the public. The most popular players on the team invariably end up leaving as free agents, feeling betrayed by the franchise they shed so much blood for...

The same thing that infuriates the fans every year in March always makes sense by December and January, when the Eagles are usually on a late-season playoff run.

To win in the NFL, you have to stay young. Havenít we learned anything from the way the Cowboys and Redskins do business? Collecting older, overpriced veterans is not the way to win. The Cowboys have zero playoff wins this decade. The Redskins have one. The Eagles have 10.

Being reasonable like that could ruin Frank's career as a part-time WIP host. The latest notion- "let's trade McNabb for Jay Cutler!" Let's not.

UPDATE: Want to know how many times someone can be wrong in one newspaper column? Now you know!

Posted by Stephen Silver at March 17, 2009 04:20 PM
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