May 04, 2009

King on the Eagles

Not convinced that the Eagles had one of the best drafts in NFL history? Here's Peter King:

I didn't want to let the draft go away completely without telling you what I feel is the most underrated and unknown story of draft weekend. I didn't notice it until I started piecing together all the trades from Day 2 of the draft, starting with the Giants' deal with Philadelphia that allowed New York to pick wide receiver Ramses Barden with a choice in the middle of the third round. But the upshot of that trade, and four others within five hours, left the Eagles as the power players in the 2010 draft.

What would you think if I told you the Philadelphia Eagles got third-, fifth-, sixth- and seventh-round draft choices, plus half a starting cornerback for nothing in this year's draft?

That's right. For free. There is no smoke, mirrors or cheating involved. Only thought and effort.

For moving down six spots in the third round -- eventually taking a player they were considering for that 85th pick anyway -- the Eagles got filthy rich. I am shocked more teams don't run their draft the way the Eagles do. It s almost irresponsible that teams don't do it the Philadelphia way.

And that's to say nothing of the three impact offensive players they actually drafted. But don't expect to hear any of that sort of thing from the Eagles-hating local press or radio; the Eagles didn't get Anquan Boldin, so they suck they suck they suck.

The big story on Cataldi this morning? McNabb didn't speak to the media at least weekend's minicamp! What an outrage! And if he had spoken, I'm sure Topic A for Angelo would've been "McNabb's latest shocking comments," plus ten callers in a row asking "why can't McNabb just shut up?"

Posted by Stephen Silver at May 4, 2009 04:16 PM
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