May 18, 2009

SNL Thoughts

Very good finale with Will Ferrell. Loved the weird, weird sketch built around probably Billy Joel's worst song, "Goodnight Saigon," and starring an A-List backing band. And is this really the end of Darrell Hammond, after 14 years? He came onto the show with Ferrell, in '95.

Liked "Celebrity Jeopardy" too, although Ferrell hasn't updated his Alex Trebek impression to reflect Trebek's shaving off his mustache or letting his hair go grey. The "Jeopardy" set is also based on the one from about three re-designs ago.

The season was wildly up and down, with most episodes either really great or really terrible. Also quite a few missed opportunities- they could've done a totally spot-on "John and Kate" parody, for instance, or maybe tried out a Kristen Wiig impression of Michele Bachmann.

Posted by Stephen Silver at May 18, 2009 02:10 AM
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