May 20, 2009

Sal's Slipping

In this blog post, Sal Paolantonio goes the full Cataldi, asking how the Eagles can possibly be so cheap as to be $20 million under the cap. Yes, it appears the team that gave Jason Peters $60 million and is paying Donovan McNabb over $100 million and Asante Samuel $80 million is JUST TOO CHEAP. Iggles Blog, predictably, tears this apart:

Look, it's one thing when some misinformed goober calls into WIP with this crap. And I can even sort of get how -- in our weaker moments -- all of us would at times feel the tempation to let fly about the gap between how much they have and how much they've spent. But this special guest appearance by SP on the NFC East blog is just dense and dimwitted.
You know why the Eagles are so far under the cap? One, they don't have "dead money"- they're not on the hook for millions for guys no longer on the team like most teams are. And two, they have a whole lot of good young players- like, say, almost the entire defense- still on their rookie contracts. But hey, if you want to turn Joe Banner into Shylock, that's a lot more fun, huh?

Posted by Stephen Silver at May 20, 2009 05:31 PM
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