June 03, 2009

Angelo is Always Wrong, Cont'd

Angelo Cataldi's Metro column, yesterday morning:

By the end of the 2009 season, Kevin Kolb will be the Eagles starting quarterback, and Donovan McNabb will be filling out change-of-address forms. Thatís right. You read it here first.

The Kevin Kolb era is about to begin.

This news broke, about 10 hours later:
he Eagles are working on a new deal with Donovan McNabb.

A league source has told CSNís Derrick Gunn that the two sides have been discussing an extension for the past month. They have agreed to pause negotiating an extension until a later date and instead decided to focus on reworking the two years remaining on his current deal.

So let me get this straight. McNabb is a very good quarterback; Kevin Kolb is not a very good quarterback. What seems like a significant percentage of fans in this town want the quarterback to be... Kolb. A 700Level commenter:
There's only one possible reason people would want to start Kolb over McNabb.

Just fucking call yourselves the Kevin Kolb Klub and be honest about it.

Posted by Stephen Silver at June 3, 2009 04:36 PM
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