June 05, 2009

The Case Against Buchanan

A really good essay on HuffPo by Bob Cesca, asking why in the world this bigoted old coot is on TV all the time:

This is the same Buchanan who supported a white supremacist for the Supreme Court (Harold Carswell in 1970). This is the same Buchanan who incited the anti-black, anti-gay modern culture war during his 1992 Republican convention speech. This is a man whose worldview is so twisted that he honestly believes that white men, a demographic group that's controlled most corridors of global power for centuries on end and thusly enjoyed untold riches, privileges and worship, are somehow being treated like subhuman chattel today. White men, Buchanan believes, are the new second class race/gender.

But that's not exactly the crazy part.

It's the implication of this analysis that so completely disqualifies him from enjoying the respect of any reasonable person on television or off.

Posted by Stephen Silver at June 5, 2009 04:52 PM
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