June 08, 2009

Film Critic Quote of the Week

David Poland, on "Terminator: Salvation":

Donít get me wrong, McG still has no concept of space or time in his directing. The most classically McG moment in the film is when we are inside an out-of-control helicopter and he offers the feeling of being trapped inside of that by giving us absolutely zero ability to know where we are or what will happen next. Of course, in the middle of a giant complex battle in which we have no way of knowing where anyone is or who is killing who or what machine is which, it is irrelevant. But still, his best claustrophobic moment in the film.

But itís the story that truly sucks hereÖ not even the terrible, clunky dialogue. Or Christian Baleís career-worst performance. Or Dallas Bryce Howard being used as a lady in the pool object again. Or John Conner not seeming to recognize a character with whom he had an intimate and life-changing relationship. Or molten steel not having the effect on a machine that it had in previous movies.

I didn't see the film, but most of what I've heard is in line with that.

Posted by Stephen Silver at June 8, 2009 12:32 PM
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