June 15, 2009

MoDo vs. HD

Maureen Dowd has outed herself- as the only person in America who doesn't like HD. In her Sunday column, she uses the occasion of the DTV transition to write about how unfair it is for women to have to wear HD makeup. But here's the worst part:

As an explosion of pixels hits our TV screens this weekend, with the digital and high-def revolution, my unscientific survey shows women are less excited about high-def than men.
"An explosion of pixels?" HD, of course, has been around for several years, and last Friday's switchover from analog to digital has nothing whatsoever to do with it. Therefore, show me someone who describes the DTV transition that way, and I'll show you someone who has no earthly idea what the DTV transition actually is.

The rest of the way, the column is about what ever Maureen Dowd column has generally been about- extremely thin gender-based theorizing that's about equally insulting to men and women. And who said women don't like HD?

UPDATE: Speaking of MoDo, this is classic.

Posted by Stephen Silver at June 15, 2009 04:20 PM
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