June 23, 2009

Deep Throat on Deep Throat

Amusing story from the AP about recently declassified FBI files about a wide-ranging investigation of "Deep Throat"- not the Watergate informant, but the movie. Not that the former Deep Throat doesn't appear too:

The file includes memos between the FBI's top men L. Patrick Gray, William Ruckelshaus and Clarence Kelley, successive heads of the agency after J. Edgar Hoover and field offices so widespread, it seemed nearly all of the country's biggest cities were involved.

On various entries in the file, a checklist of top FBI brass appears in the top right corner, with initials next to some names. One of those listed is W. Mark Felt, the FBI second-in-command whose "Deep Throat" alias as a Watergate informant came from the movie's title. None of the markings indicate he read any of the materials on the movie whose name became synonymous with his role in bringing down Richard Nixon's presidency. However, former FBI agents interviewed by the AP after the documents were released said Felt almost certainly would have been aware of the huge investigation.

It was in the Woodward Felt book that Felt absolutely hated being called "Deep Throat."

Posted by Stephen Silver at June 23, 2009 02:19 PM
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