June 24, 2009

"Transformers" Sucks: Phoenix!

"Revenge of the Fallen has already achieved at least one Hollywood first: it's the only major movie I know of to be released without press notes. Tetro came with a bound volume of production information the size of a paperback novel. Even Land of the Lost had a good 70 pages. There, perhaps, lies Michael Bay's secret: those who read do not know, and those who know do not read... it's just like watching the toys on which the movie is based, but on a gigantic scale, and as if played with by a monstrous child without joy or any imagination. Said toys are big heaps of mobile, pasted-together crap  kind of like the movie itself, whose ęsthetic is to toss in all the shit that sticks for two and a half hours."
- Peter Keough, the Boston Phoenix. Posted by Stephen Silver at June 24, 2009 05:34 PM
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