June 24, 2009

Hopkins Again

It happens at least once a year, like clockwork: Philly-born boxing champ Bernard Hopkins goes on WIP and goes on a vicious, racially tinged diatribe about Donovan McNabb. It's always the same thing, as Hopkins insinuates that because McNabb is from a middle-class, suburban, two-parent household, he's somehow not tough enough, lacks heart, and will never, ever bring Philadelphia a championship.

You can hear the latest version here (Mp3 link), but really, Hopkins has given pretty much the same speech five times already in just the last few years. I'm guessing the WIP executives gathered last week and said "hey- Eskin's ratings are down- let's get Hopkins on again to stir up the McNabb stuff!"

Look, there's a lot of coded racial stuff said on that station all the time, usually by white callers who, for some reason they can't quite put their finger on, prefer Kevin Kolb (or Jeff Garcia or A.J. Feeley) to Donovan. But we also get a lot of this equally ugly "he's not black enough" bullshit, which is just about as hateful and noxious as the worst of the Kevin Kolb Klub.

It's one more reason to root for McNabb to win a title in Philly- it would shut a whole lot of very loathsome people up.

Posted by Stephen Silver at June 24, 2009 11:31 PM

Wouldn't it just be the same thing that happened to Yankee fans after the Red Sox won the 2004 Series? Instead of berating him about not winning a Superbowl, they would switch to pointing out that he only won one.

Posted by: Jeremy at June 25, 2009 09:27 AM
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