November 02, 2009

The Day in Sports

I had a hell of a sports day Sunday- to the Linc for Eagles-Giants, to the bar for Vikings-Packers, and home for Phillies-Yankees in Game 4. Let's take 'em one by one:

All year long, as with every year, the reaction to the Eagles in town has been, when they win, it's because the competition sucks, and when they lose, it's just more proof of how terrible they are. The team shut up its critics- maybe- with a decisive thrashing of the Giants. Great game by McNabb, everyone on the offense joined in, and the defense largely held up too. They're now 5-2 and tied for first in the NFC East with Dallas, they face next Sunday night.

Sights from the game- lots of people in Phillies stuff, and even a few brave souls wearing Yankees gear. Loud "Yankees Suck" chants- it felt like I was at a Patriots game. Then, at the end, a loud chant of "Let's Go Phillies"- I don't approve, just as I didn't for all the years there were "E-A-G-L-E-S" chants at Phillies games- it's disrespectful to a team that was ready to wrap up a huge victory.

My other favorite moment- McNabb and Jeremy Maclin, both of whom are on my fantasy team, connected for a touchdown in the second quarter. I love when my team scores points right in front of me!

- As for the Vikings, quite a thing to behold- the Packers clearly didn't belong on the same field with them. I can't even imagine the existential crisis that must be happening in the state of Wisconsin right now.

If either of my fantasy teams had won or Tottenham had beaten Arsenal, it would've been a perfect sports weekend. Oh, except for...

- The World Series, where the Yankees took a 3-1 lead by beating the Phillies tonight. The Phils just had no answer for C.C. Sabathia, and couldn't set down the Yankee lineup no matter who pitched.

Should Cliff Lee have pitched Game 4? Nah. You didn't stick a guy who's unproven on three days rest and have him pitch in the World Series. But is the series over? I wouldn't count the Phils out.

At the beginning of the broadcast, I loved seeing the highlights of the series so far, spliced with clips from "Avatar." Apropos, since both the movie and the Yankees cost over $200 million.

No matter what happens in the series, I'll still be laughing about the A-Rod/centaur thing.

Posted by Stephen Silver at November 2, 2009 12:30 AM

"both the movie and the Yankees cost over $200 million"

... Ahhh, but I would watch the Yankees. No interest in Avatar.

Posted by: Jeff S at November 2, 2009 01:22 PM
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