January 12, 2010

Political Quote of the Day

A Balloon Juice correspondent on the Byron Dorgan retirement:

In ND, a popular, well-liked Republican with a good track record will beat pretty much any Democrat. Dorgan won an open seat to get in. Conrad squeaked by an asshole (Mark Andrews) in a semi-upset. Never seen even a good D beat a decent R in an open election in my lifetime in either Dakota.

But, goddamit, once they get in they fucking stay in for life. Thatís just part of the deal, D or R. Karl Mundt, Nixonís right-hand man on the HUAC, was in a fucking coma for half of his last term after he got into the Senate. Quentin Burdick died in office, like a real man, after forty-fucking-two years in the Senate. Tim Johnsonís brain fucking exploded and he can barely talk, but he ran for re-election and won.
Dorgan has always been a prissy little bitch. He wasnít man enough to run against Andrews, so Conrad went for it and won. Fucking Byron had to sit around and wait for Burdick to die before he could sack up and run.
He should have been making a smelly puddle in his Depends before he even thought of retirement. What a sorry excuse for a politician.
The Democrats should snatch that ridiculous fucking toupee off of his square farmboy knothead, burn it in the middle of the mall, bury the ashes and have the rest of the caucus piss on the spot.

I love local politics. Nothing in America is more fun.

Posted by Stephen Silver at January 12, 2010 12:45 AM
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