January 16, 2010

Let's Go Yids!

Only in English soccer, my friends:

A leading Muslim politician campaigning against antisemitic chanting at Chelsea Football Club has been told that fans who shout “We hate Yids!” about Tottenham fans are not expressing hatred of Jews...

Edward Ashwell, Chelsea’s head of security, replied: “The problem of antisemitic chanting at Stamford Bridge is not as clear cut as it might be. Tottenham Hotspur supporters call themselves ‘the Yids’ and when some Chelsea supporters chant ‘We hate Yids’ they do not mean ‘We hate Jewish people’, they actually mean ‘We hate Tottenham supporters’ much in the same way as they chant ‘We hate Leeds’"

I'm a Tottenham fan for, essentially, that reason, so this made me laugh. You thought New York and Philly football fans were mean to each other?

Posted by Stephen Silver at January 16, 2010 05:11 PM
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