January 16, 2010

Quote of the Day

Matt Yglesias on Sarah Palin's ridiculous comments on Harry Reid and Trent Lott:

Hereís Palin talking about an issue which is either a pointless partisan sideshow, or else a serious complaint about race in America. But the complaint she offers isnít a complaint on behalf of African-Americans. Itís a complaint offered on behalf of white southern racists. Itís not that it would be unfair to black people for Reid to remain majority leader rather the problem is that it would be unfair to Trent Lott. And surely itís no surprise that white southern conservatives seem much more likely than actual black people to be making these kind of demands. The idea that white people might want to show some deference to African-Americansí views of who is and is not their enemy and what is and is not offensive to them is inimical to the conservative projectís determination to zealous advocacy on behalf of the interests of white people.
But Harry Reid Harry Reid! Duke lacrosse! Duke lacrosse!

Posted by Stephen Silver at January 16, 2010 05:19 PM
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