January 21, 2010

A Vikings Song 4 U

Prince- yes, Prince- has written a song about the Vikings:

I love the idea of American sports teams having songs that their fans can sing/chant during games- just about every foreign soccer club has many of them- but sorry, that one sort of sucks. I agree with Drew:

-Prince was again in the luxury box at the Metrodome last week. This is the second time Prince has showed up at a Vikings game this year, and he's NEVER been seen at Vikings games before now, at least not that I remember. Does this mean Prince hopped on the bandwagon after Favre arrived? Does he have a Favre jersey? Does he wear it? That would be fucked up. All I know is that I hope Prince makes the trip to New Orleans, because the luxury box fan contrast he'd have versus Kim Kardashian would give the Vikings a huge edge

Posted by Stephen Silver at January 21, 2010 11:14 PM
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