January 26, 2010

"McNabb is Expected to Cost the NFC the Game by Smiling Too Much"

iSportacus gets Onionesque:

McNabb Makes Pro Bowl, City Rejoices
A large contingent of Eagles fans convened on Broad Street this morning, celebrating Donovan McNabb’s selection to the Pro Bowl. “We’re so proud of Donovan,” said Eagles fan Bob Barkendorf. “For a player so stupid, who makes terrible decisions and loves throwing the ball into the ground, making the Pro Bowl is an amazing accomplishment.” Another Eagles fan was equally excited. “Donovan McNabb is the worst quarterback in the history of the NFL, and for him to overcome that to get into the Pro Bowl speaks volumes about him,” said Tony Guacamole. Barbara Liftoff agreed. “I haven’t been this excited since Bobby Abreu won his Gold Glove Award.” This is McNabb’s 6th Pro Bowl selection, which is a record among players who exist solely to crush the hopes of their team’s fans at the end of each season.

Posted by Stephen Silver at January 26, 2010 03:43 PM
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