February 14, 2010

Also: We Are Not, In Fact, the World

Did you catch the new "We Are the World" video on the night of the Olympic opening ceremonies? Yikes, what a disaster.

No, there was no reason to do it again. And no, there didn't seem to be much discretion in who was allowed to participate. By the time autotuning made its first appearance I was ready to turn it off, and then when will.i.am showed up and got into his "yo, yo, we are the world!", that was it. How many things can that guy ruin in one year? And yes, it was directed by Paul Haggis. Of course it was.

I understand wanting to do a charity single for Haiti, but how about, I don't know, writing a new song? Someone on Twitter had the right idea- I'll donate if you stop showing it.

Posted by Stephen Silver at February 14, 2010 11:04 PM
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