March 03, 2010

TV Roundup

- "Law & Order": Yes, they did an Insane Clown Posse episode, including Juggalo murderers, and didn't even change the names. And Sy Abelman from "A Serious Man" played the judge! This show has gone off the rails in many ways, but the Leno 10:00 failure increased its chances of survival, and it's looking like the show might even make it to Season 21.

- "Modern Family" This show just keeps getting better and better. It's so hard to come up with sitcom plots that haven't been done before- but the gay male couple with a baby traumatized by their baby's first word being "Mommy"? Never happened before, I promise. And just when you thought "Asian woman driver" jokes couldn't be funny, tonight's episode set up and executed one just perfectly.

- "Big Love." Oh, I don't know. It's still entertaining, for sure, and I'm excited for the finale, even if they did schedule against the Oscars. But the breaking-into-the-Mexican-compound episode? Sunday's tetherball showdown? The twice-as-many-plots-in-one-fewer episodes? It hasn't been as bad a fourth season as "Six Feet Under" (or "Entourage," for that matter), but come on.

- "Lost." I'm watching this season after never seeing the show before, but I think I like it, and get it. Sure, I don't understand everything, but reading recaps by Sepinwall, Tim Goodman, the AV Club folks, and others have helped a lot. I'd still love to go back to the beginning and watch, though I don't expect to have a whole lot of time for that in the next, oh, 18 years or so.

- "Saturday Night Live." Except for the Jon Hamm episode, it's been pretty weak all year, honestly. Why did they do a Univision segment, in English? And the Telenovela bit wasn't nearly as good as "Conando." The show seems to only come up with good material when there's a good host, and there even seems to be a Kristen Wiig backlash emerging- mostly because all of her recurring characters are awful.

- "The Tonight Show With Jay Leno." And you thought it was bad before Sarah Palin did a monologue...

Posted by Stephen Silver at March 3, 2010 10:32 PM
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