March 09, 2010

Oscar Thoughts

I'll always love the Oscars, even if they're as long-winded, bloated, boring and poorly-written as last night's show was. A few notes:

- I like Martin and Baldwin, and they're both good on their own. But there was no reason they needed to both be there- they pretty much just alternated jokes and had no banter with each that I can remember. The writing was just awful throughout- the only thing I laughed at all night was Martin's "Precious"/"Born a poor black child" joke.

- Speaking of "Precious," Mo'Nique has gone in three years from host of "Flavor of Love Girls: Charm School" to Academy Award winner. Not a very common progression.

- Tweet of the night, from Sean Burns after Mo'Nique won: "Awesome! Eddie Murphy just won Best Supporting Actress for NORBIT!"

- The "In the Loop" clip, for adapted screenplay, was literally the only five seconds in the film without profanity. Fuckity-bye. I sort of wish that or "Up in the Air" had won in that category- UITA, in fact, won zero Oscars.

- NOT a good death montage, especially since much of it was shot wide and you couldn't even see the names on screen. Same problem last year. And while they had to cut out various elements, including the song performances and the lifetime achievement awards, WHY the need for ten minutes of interpretive dance?

- Anyway, I'm happy "Hurt Locker" won, it was more deserving than "Avatar," and good that Cameron was kept off the podium. I'm sure his other three ex-wives are thrilled as well.

Posted by Stephen Silver at March 9, 2010 12:10 AM
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