March 12, 2010

Not So Small Market

I agree with Tim Marchman, reacting mostly to the trade-Mauer idea:

The Twin Cities are the sixteenth largest metro in the United States, bigger than St. Louis, Baltimore and Denver, among others. They have the fourth largest median household income of any metro, behind only the Bay Area and Washington-Baltimore among baseball markets.

The Twins have a new park opening in a month, have made the playoffs five of the last eight years, and are running a $100 million payroll this year.

Why people still have it in their mind that Minneapolis is a small market I'm not really sure, but it isn't. It's not an especially large one, but this is the sort of team that should be heisting players other teams can't afford, not getting rid of its own stars, and from here it seems writing about the team should reflect that.

Remember when Baltimore and Cleveland were considered "large market"?

Posted by Stephen Silver at March 12, 2010 04:09 PM
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