March 12, 2010

What's Going On Here

A couple of thoughts about this here blog:

First, it appears the comments aren't working. Not sure what happened; I was getting tons of spam so perhaps my providers blocked all of them, although I wasn't told that directly. I'll look into it and try to get that fixed.

Secondly, you may have noticed a sort of slowing in the frequency of posts here of late. I've been doing this blog, it's hard to believe, for almost eight years, and I've written multiple posts most of those days.

But of late things have started to change- in the world and in my life. Noah is finally home now, at the same time that I'm getting new, additional responsibilities at work. Not to mention, I keep hearing that in the age of Facebook and Twitter, blogging is going away- it's now the stodgy old medium, embraced by the dinosaurs.

This blog is going to continue, no question about it, although expect it to change and evolve in the coming months. There will be times (such as the last two days) when the inspiration will strike me, and I'll throw out 10-15 posts in 24 hours. But that's going to be the exception rather than the rule; I may go post-free for a few days at a time sometimes.

So here's how I expect things to work going forward: I post to Twitter frequently, at If you're not on Twitter, click my name on Facebook instead; my statuses there and my tweets are one and the same. If you're interested in seeing my writing more frequently, that's the place to go.

Most posts here will continue to be the usual stuff: post-length expansions of my tweets, funny quotes and YouTube clips, in addition to links to my movie reviews, occasional CTPG/E-Gear/Week in Retail Crime articles, other published writings, and (of course) the Noah blog posts, which people seem to really like. That'll all be there; I just can't promise it'll be there as frequently as before.

I care a lot about this blog, and have greatly enjoyed writing it for the last few years; I was doing this back in 2002 when no one would pay me a penny to actually write. I appreciate everyone who takes the time to read it, and just wanted to fill you in on what's going on around here.

Posted by Stephen Silver at March 12, 2010 04:21 PM
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