April 06, 2010

McNabb Day Two

- That's going to be weird to see McNabb in a Redskins uniform the first time. Kind of like seeing Jordan with the Wizards.

- Also, looks like Donovan will sign an extension with Washington, so he probably won't be a Viking in 2011. Oh well, it was nice having that dream for awhile.

- You'd think McNabb's departure would be good news for the Anti-Eagles Movement, which has hated McNabb for years and had been demanding his ouster since at least '05. But you'd think wrong.

The talk show callers are outraged about the trade, either because McNabb strengthens a division rival, or because Reid/Howie Roseman/Joe Banner didn't leave town with him, or because the Eagles did something and they have to hate everything the Eagles do. In other words- "I've always hated McNabb and wanted him gone- and how dare the Eagles trade him!"

- The other big question- will McNabb be cheered or booed when he returns to Philly with the Redskins? I really feel this will be one of those moments that shows how Eagles fans are different from Eagles Fans Who Hate the Eagles. I predict a 90-10 cheer-boo split, at least, in favor of the people who don't actually hate their team.

- Then again, the wonderful WIP morning show has decided to reunite the "Dirty 30," the group of drunken idiots who bussed up to New York to lobby for the selection of Ricky Williams in the '99 draft and booed McNabb when he was picked. History has proven them completely wrong, they've been an embarrassment and laughingstock to the city ever since. If the Eagles ever win a Super Bowl, I hope they're banned from the parade.

So of course, they will get together again, this time to boo either the team or McNabb, I'm still not clear. Yea, good luck with that. When Brian Dawkins - a player always much, much more popular than McNabb- returned to Philly with his new team last year, he was cheered and no one booed the team.

- About 30,000 Phillies fans went down to Washington today for the Phillies' home opener. It's good to see Philadelphia fans traveling to another city for good and not for evil.

Reuniting the Dirty 30 to reenact their worst moment would be like if Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld got together, in 2010, and decided "let's invade Iraq again!"

- Noah's very upset about Donovan leaving town. He's been crying, on and off, since last night.

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