April 12, 2010

TV Notes

Let me just say I loved the show, and it's stayed with me in a big way since I watched it last night. The music is great, the acting is awesome, and I can't wait to see the world it establishes. And that montage set to the Louis Prima song was up there with all the ones from "Wire" finales.

No, the show isn't "The Wire." It's not as plot-driven, it's much less violent, and I can't imagine it having as much to say about American society in the 21st century. But it's still pretty damn good.

I'm loving this show, especially last week's, featuring Alan "Cameron from Ferris Bueller" Ruck as a dentist who's hiding out from a Columbian drug cartel. Ruck got to act out every dentist's fantasy- dragging an uncooperative douchebag patient to his car and doing some anesthesia-free teeth pulling- while acting out his own personal "Breaking Bad" episode.

Some critic (I think it was Todd Van Der Werff, or his wife, on their awesome podcast) described "Justified" as (I paraphrase) "Timothy Olyphant walking around Kentucky, slapping criminals with his penis." Only metaphorically, of course. My only complaint- not enough Walton Goggins, who was in the first couple of episodes as a neo-Nazi criminal.

As I mentioned earlier, I started watching the show this season without ever having seen it before. Of course, now I'm hooked and enthralled, and want to run out and watch all the DVDs. Regardless, having read Entertainment Weekly and the Sepinwall and Goodman blogs for all this time, I can follow the show pretty well and I'm not totally confused.

"The Pacific"
I saw only the first episode and am four weeks behind; figure at some point I'll sit down and watch all of it at once. I hear good things, though.

Posted by Stephen Silver at April 12, 2010 02:59 PM

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