April 29, 2010

We Always Shoot the Things We Hate

This strikes me as the worst idea- politically, ethically, and morally- I've heard of in quite some time:

Gun nuts are the folks sponsoring "LiveFreePA," a fun-filled gathering May 8 where participants can shoot their guns at old cars that represent bad liberal ideas like gun control, healthcare reform and property taxes, as well as taxes and regulations on tobacco and alcohol.

"It's just a unique way to say we're against these policies -- shooting them down," organizer Nate Benefield told a Lancaster paper. "I don't really know where we came up with it, but it seemed appropriate." "Appropriate" isn't the word I'd choose, but hey, it's a free country.

In other words- I'm mad at Obama, and I'm gonna get drunk and shoot stuff! Real America! It's like they're trying to live up to every pissed-off redneck stereotype their opponents have of them that they can. What would be the liberal equivalent? A reading of the Communist Manifesto, while everyone holds up giant welfare checks, before adjourning to have gay sex?

Posted by Stephen Silver at April 29, 2010 04:52 PM
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