May 05, 2010

A Major WIP Outrage

Eskin is on Twitter. No, that's not the outrage. But he is.

I'm speaking of one morning last week, when Angelo Cataldi was discussing the Howard contract. I'm paraphrasing here, but Angelo said something along the lines of, he's happy Howard is staying and Donovan McNabb is going, because Howard represents everything positive about professional athletes, and McNabb represents everything negative.

Really? Everything? Because he did things like give wrong press conference answers, smile at the wrong time, and "throw teammates under the bus"?

What a vile, cretinous statement. Athletes in this country do a lot of bad, bad things. They commit rapes and robberies and murders. They assault women. They run dogfighting rings. They drive drunk and kill people. They have staggering amounts of neglected and unsupported illegitimate children.

Donovan McNabb has never done any of those things, or even been accused of such. On the list of Worst Professional Athletes, he's not even in the first 100,000. In fact, I can think of two quarterbacks on NFL teams only in the state of Pennyslvania- Ben Roethlisberger and Michael Vick- much more worthy of the Worst Person in the World title than McNabb.

Posted by Stephen Silver at May 5, 2010 02:12 AM
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