May 05, 2010

Obama Has Better Writers Than Leno

Either that, or he's just funnier. That's the impression I get from their respective White House Correspondent's Dinner speeches. Obama's routine was sharp, self-deprecating, and even a bit biting. Comparing John Boehner to the "Jersey Shore" people was inspired, and I bet it made The Situation's year when the president of the United States said his name.

Leno's jokes, on the other hand, were obvious, stilted, forced, and every other adjective typically associated with Jay's comedy since 1996 or so. No surprise, of course, that he recycled several bits. It's almost like Obama had Jon Stewart's writers, and Leno had his own (actually, that's exactly what happened.)

Posted by Stephen Silver at May 5, 2010 02:23 AM
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