May 19, 2010

Oh, What a Night!

Pretty eventful Tuesday night this week, huh? All sorts of stuff going on all at once in the worlds of sports, politics and TV. Let's take them one by one:

- Election. Anti-incumbency fever! A repudiation of Obama! A sign of Republican weakness! I guess everyone's going to interpret last week's results to their preconceived notions. I voted for Joe Sestak and I'm glad he defeated Specter, and I'm hopeful that he can take down Club For Growth cultist Pat Toomey in November. I also voted for winning gubernatorial candidate Dan Onorato. I guess the question is, what does Specter do now? Hopefully this also means the end of his sports radio-calling career.

- NBA Draft Lottery. The Timberwolves lose again, continuing their unblemished record of never, ever getting the #1 pick or moving up in the lottery. They'll get a good player, sure, but I don't quite see DaMarcus Cousins or Derek Favors leading a franchise resurgence- and I'm sure we won't be seeing Ricky Rubio either. And Cole Aldrich just has "Future Timberwolf" written all over him- if the Wolves are thinking "the Twins have a hometown guy, so we should take one too," I foresee a problem.

As for the Sixers, getting the #2 pick, provided they take Evan Turner, could mean the beginning of the team's return to relevance in Philly, because right now, NO ONE cares about them.

- Hockey playoffs. Three weeks ago, my friends and I were debating who the Flyers would try in goal next year, seemingly forgetting they were still alive in the playoffs and even leading their first round playoff series at the time. Now, the team has pulled an '04 Red Sox and come back from a 3-0 deficit to beat Boston, and they've used consecutive shutouts to take a 2-0 lead against Montreal. No, I still don't really care about hockey, but I'm edging dangerously close to the bandwagon.

- "Lost." I was in the minority in liking the Jacob/Man in Black episode, and not only because it cast C.J. from "The West Wing" as the godmother of the universe. But this week's was even better, and I can't wait for the finale. And yes, at some point I'll get around to watching seasons 1-5.

- "Glee." Yes, I know how flawed this show is but I love it anyway, and last night's Joss Whedon-directed effort, guest-starring Neil Patrick Harris, was one of its best hours. I like the culture we're in now, where a star with a great singing voice like NPH can find plenty of outlets for using it- "Glee," SNL, awards shows, the occasional Broadway show- without having to hide it. And duh (SPOILER) of course Idina Menzel turned out to be Lea Michele's mother. Their resemblance is such that they're practically the same person.

Posted by Stephen Silver at May 19, 2010 05:06 PM
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