May 25, 2010

Joe Lieberman: About to No Longer Be the Most Loathsome Connecticut Senator

The Richard Blumenthal stuff is pretty abominable- why would anyone lie repeatedly about having gone to Vietnam and not expect people to notice?- but now that Rob Simmons has dropped out of the race it looks like the GOP candidate will be... Linda McMahon?

This is just shocking to me- aside from all the questionable content stuff over the years, World Wrestling Entertainment is one of the shadier companies in the country- have you noticed that some wrestler from the '80s seems to die just about every other week? That WWE - which has always resisted unionization- spits out wrestlers and leaves them with no money, no health coverage and painkiller addictions? I've got a feeling this will come up in the fall campaign.

Posted by Stephen Silver at May 25, 2010 11:14 PM
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