June 05, 2010

Two HBO Movies

I really, really liked HBO's documentary on John Cazale, "I Knew It Was You." But why in the world was it only 45 minutes? The filmmakers had access to footage from five of the greatest movies ever, plus talking head interviews with about 10 A-listers- they couldn't come up with a full hour?

And speaking of HBO, I also enjoyed the Clinton/Tony Blair movie, "The Special Relationship." I could watch a movie like this every week- in fact, some American network should hire Peter Morgan to do a weekly series, dramatizing real-life political events from the past 10 or 15 years. I'd watch it for sure.

Dennis Quaid was fine as Clinton- much, much better than his embarrassing Bush impression in "American Dreamz"- but he didn't really look the part. In fact, when he mentioned Boris Yeltsin, it made me realize he looked more like Yeltsin than Clinton.

Posted by Stephen Silver at June 5, 2010 03:06 PM
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