June 05, 2010

Obama is Not Spock

Yea, yea, I get it- Obama, like Mr. Spock, is "born of two worlds," and he's known for being coldly calculating and not showing much emotion. And others say it's offensive because it's comparing the president to an alien. But come on- this whole "compare the president to a popular movie character" thing is just lazy political commentary at its worst, yet another of Maureen Dowd's awful contributions to the culture.

Look, everyone can do it:

- "Obama is Iron Man" - Jon Stewart, April 1

- "Obama is Robin Hood" - Right Wing News, April 12.

- "Obama is Carrie Bradshaw" -Isaac Mizrahi, March 20, 2009

- "Obama is Don Draper" - Vivian Blog, October 2008

- "Obama is Harry Potter" - The Wrap.com, July 2009 (among others)

- "Obama is Batman" -Englandforobama.com, 2008.

Quick, Maureen- you've got two weeks to come up with a column on why Barack Obama is like the Karate Kid.

Posted by Stephen Silver at June 5, 2010 03:08 PM
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