June 08, 2010

The New Bush

Yes, indeed.:

An ideological, right-wing leader comes to power. He seems sure to be more disciplined than his predecessor, a centrist politician who sailed from scandal to scandal. Domestically, the electorate is sharply polarized—they’re still sore over terrorist attacks that have killed many of their fellow citizens, but they have strong disagreements about how best to respond. The government, however, has no such hesitation. The cabinet is stacked with veterans of the armed forces and the defense establishment who are sure that a strong show of force will finish off the country’s Muslim tormentors. The world doesn’t see it that way, and despite impressive deployments of troops—and plenty of military victories—the nation becomes more and more diplomatically isolated, tarnishing its reputation as a beacon of freedom.
Let's hope the Bibi tenure ends better for Israel than Dubya's did in America, though if the U.S. had a parliamentary system I'm guessing Bush would've gotten a no-confidence vote in 2005 or so.

Posted by Stephen Silver at June 8, 2010 04:17 PM
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