July 08, 2010

The LeBron Show

So it's been a pretty insane few days in NBA free agency, highlighted by the astonishing decision by LeBron James to actually announce his free agency decision during a live hourlong special. This, of course, brings all sorts of ethical questions- how can ESPN reporters try to break the year's biggest sports story, while not undercutting their network?- as well as logistical ones, such as, how will they possibly fill an entire hour?

Does it make LeBron look like a jerk to do this? Of course. But does this represent The End of Sports As We Know It? Of course not. I actually think it's fascinating. Player movement is always intriguing- sometimes even more than the sports themselves- and thinking about which players fit into which teams has me more excited about the NBA than I've been in years.

So what should LeBron do? Anywhere but the Knicks, I'd say.

Posted by Stephen Silver at July 8, 2010 03:55 PM
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