July 12, 2010

Our Maoist Muslim Fuhrer President

Former "Law & Order" actor Michael Moriarty, who years ago abandoned acting apparently to embrace political extremism full-time, has an unintentionally hilarious essay at Andrew Breitbart's Big Peace site, which in rambling fashion strikes all the bases of anti-Obama vitriol.

In one incoherent nonsense-filled essay, Moriarty manages to call the president both "America's blind Fuhrer" and a Maoist, as well as a jihadist and a eugenicist. How can he be all four, when in reality he's none of the above? He's also described as an "Ivy League Mobster," and the future author of "Maobamaís Fourth Reich." My favorite part, which I'm surprised doesn't include a TelePrompter joke:

The President must think he can whip up a private army out of Black Panthers, Andy Sternís union sycophants and the Mexican illegals heís planning to give an American right to vote to. Heíd better hurry up.
As Iíve said and will say again, America is not 1930ís Europe nor 1950ís Red China.

Perhaps The One, the American Chairman and Fuhrer can wave his magic wand and make it so.

Huh? This makes me long for the restrained, moderate politics of that other former "Law & Order" DA, Fred Thompson.

Posted by Stephen Silver at July 12, 2010 09:53 AM
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