July 14, 2010

Two Young Blond Women Argue

Isn't that what every Fox News show should be called?

This Black Panther case may be the right at their lying, race-baiting worst. Not only are they making a couple of idiots playing dress-up at one, nearly all-black polling place in one city at which no one was preventing from voting, into a massive black militant conspiracy, but they get to turn Obama into the Angela Davis caricature that every Fox News watcher knows in their hearts he is. It's vile, disgusting, racist-to-the-core stuff, Willie Horton times 100.

And I love the outrage that the Congressman didn't think this is the most important news story of all times. Good for Kirsten Powers for pointing out Fox's "scary black man thing."

Dave Weigel makes sense, as usual:

Why is [Megyn Kelly] doing so many stories on the Panthers? It's because Fox News uses the Panthers the way that Phil Donohue used to use the KKK or G.G. Allin. They're good on TV. The difference between the Panthers and other freakish groups that look good on the air, of course, is that that they threaten white people.

How often does Fox bring on the Panthers, or talk about them? A Lexis-Nexis search finds 68 mentions of "Malik Zulu Shabazz," a leader of the NBPP. The majority are appearances on Fox News, where Shabazz is repeatedly brought on to act as a foolish, anti-Semitic punching bag. Among the segment titles: "Professor's Comments on Whites Stir Controversy" and "Black Panthers Take a Stand on Duke Rape Case..."

This isn't journalism. No one cares what the NBPP thinks about anything. This is minstrelsy, with a fringe moron set up like a bowling pin for Hannity to knock down. And that's the role the NBPP plays on Fox, frequently.

Posted by Stephen Silver at July 14, 2010 04:22 PM
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