July 20, 2010

More Cataldi Embarrassment

Angelo Cataldi's Metro column today:

On a week when the most flamboyant owner in sports history passed away, Jeffrey Lurie remained barricaded in his gold cocoon. Where is the owner of the Eagles, and why is he hiding from us?
Even in his final days, a physically compromised George Steinbrenner was more accessible than Jeffrey Lurie, who seems to believe he can reap the huge rewards of NFL ownership without shouldering public responsibilities... So, where is Jeff Lurie? How can someone so adamant about Vick’s behavior become invisible when the quarterback’s conduct becomes a national issue? What exactly does Lurie think he owes Philadelphia for 16 years of loyal support?
It's a common argument of the Anti-Eagles Movement, to complain that Lurie/Banner/Reid "hasn't spoken publicly" in however much time, when we all know Angelo and Co. would be slamming them to hell if they were talking, no matter what they said.

It always sounds silly. But it's even sillier because Tuesday, the same day Angelo's column ran, the Inquirer ran a 5,000-word profile, complete with interview, of... Jeffrey Lurie. In which the Vick case is, of course, discussed at length by the owner.

And yes, Angelo and his editors should have known the piece was coming, as the Inquirer published a list of the headlines for its eight-part series of his favorite subject, the Eagles brain trust, on Sunday.

Posted by Stephen Silver at July 20, 2010 01:17 PM
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