July 27, 2010

Yo Mammy: The Sequel

In Minnesota arrest news:

On the website touting his leadership training programs, New Prague City Council Member and former cop Ken Betterton brags about "his judgment enabling him to motivate and inspire local law enforcement officials."

But according to a police report, when New Prague officers found him drunk on his knees in the grass earlier this month and asked for the phone number of his wife, who is a Minnesota state trooper, Betterton responded: "Yeah, 1-800 eat my ass."

Betterton is not, of course, the first man arrested in Minnnesota in the last 15 years to give a vulgarity when asked his phone number. There was also this guy:

That clip, if you didn't live in Minnesota in 1995, was played on KQRS roughly ten times per morning over a period of several years.

In addition, I'm guessing some variation on "1-800-EAT-MY-ASS" appeared in at least one David Mamet play. And when Viking Keith Millard was arrested in 1986 for disorderly conduct at a local motel, he did not give a vulgar version of his phone number, but did tell police "My arms are more powerful than your guns."

Posted by Stephen Silver at July 27, 2010 04:29 PM

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