August 24, 2010

The Right's Offended Victims

Remember in the early '90s, when the right used to attack the left for embracing a "victim mentality," and being "offended" all the time? Now it's apparently the right's turn to have their precious feelings hurt at all times. Eugene Robinson:

When did the loudmouths of the American right become such a bunch of fraidy-cats and professional victims? Or is it all just an act?... the manufactured brouhaha over the Park51 project is part of a larger pattern in which the far right embraces victimhood and stokes fear. The faction that likes to portray itself as a bunch of John Waynes and "mama grizzlies," it turns out, spends an awful lot of time cowering in the corner and complaining about how beastly everyone else is being.

Posted by Stephen Silver at August 24, 2010 01:53 PM
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