September 11, 2010

Film Critic Quote of the Week

Matt Zoller Seitz on Salon,"trash-talking" nine classic movies, and starting with the most deserving of all, "Gone With the Wind":

What happened? Maybe the country grew up just a little bit, and realized that, almost a century and a half after the Civil War's end, a democracy of free men and women should not be sentimentalizing the Confederacy as a fairy-tale kingdom in which good-hearted plantation owners ruled over happy, loyal darkies and threw big, beautiful soirées -- a land where things were just hunky-dory until those bad old Yankees came along and spoiled it. That's the part of "Gone With the Wind" that always gnawed at me.
I hate "Gone With the Wind" and always have. It's four hours long, it's racist and celebrates things that are vile and horrible, and its heroine is a loathsome, despicable shrew. It shouldn't have even made the AFI 100.

Posted by Stephen Silver at September 11, 2010 09:42 PM
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