September 13, 2010

Birds Down

Well, that was about the worst-case scenario imaginable for the Eagles- they lose in Week 1, Kevin Kolb looks atrociously bad before coming out of the game with a concussion, as does Stewart Bradley, while Leonard Weaver and Jamaal Jackson sufer season-ending injuries. And now they've got a quarterback controversy, to boot. Oh- and Donovan McNabb beat the Cowboys in his Redskins debut.

Kolb scored a whopping two fantasy points, and looked just about as bad as any NFL quarterback I've seen in recent memory. So I hope all the "McNabb Must Go" types are happy- because Donovan never, ever in his life played a half of football as bad as that one. Michael Vick looked better than Kolb, but he clearly isn't a playoff-caliber NFL quarterback at this point. They say in most cities the backup quarterback is the most popular man in town- but not, alas, if he's murdered dogs.

I was almost surprised how subdued the postgame radio discussion was. As opposed to the WIP pregame show, which consisted, almost exclusively from what I heard, of anti-McNabb cheap shots. Yes, about a player who's no longer an Eagle and wasn't on the opposing team, either.

My favorite part of the night- I went to go pick up a pizza at one point during the fourth quarter, and a little old lady waiting there looked at the TV and asked me, innocently, "Why isn't Donovan McNabb still on the team?" While I struggled for an answer to the question, she followed up, "did he do something wrong?" Two very good questions, that I expect we'll be asking for months if not years.

Posted by Stephen Silver at September 13, 2010 12:44 AM
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