September 16, 2010

The Joke in Delaware

The Tea Party did its stupidest thing yet Tuesday, propelling nutty perennial candidate/Sarah Palin Mini-Me Christine O'Donnell over more moderate shoo-in winner Mike Castle, handing a sure Senate victory to the Democrats.

Yes, as Rachel Maddow dug up yesterday, O'Donnell once went on MTV and spoke out against masturbation. So O'Donnell's candidacy should be in pretty good shape provided they're aren't any masturbators in Delaware.

Posted by Stephen Silver at September 16, 2010 12:46 AM

Couple of things:

1) I find Obama's economic policies abhorrent. I also find that most of his social policies align with my own.

2) I probably find some of O'Donnell's economic policies aligned with my own, but the bible thumping? Fuck no.

3) Do you now realize how many of us feel? We like our money but don't like this fucking moron O'Donnell? We like our social freedoms AND our economic freedoms. For those of us who lean Libertarian (and I'm almost positive that we represent more of the country than Democrats, or Republicans, want to believe) we really have no one to choose from? It's either a bible thumping idiot who wants to mess with our bedroom or a left wing moon bat who wants to fuck with our boardroom. You can defend Obama all you want, but history will not be kind to him, nor will it be kind to the religious political right.

4) The hell with it. Inspired by O'Donnell, I'm now going to go beat my d--k like it owes me money. And I will keep her in mind as I do it.


Posted by: Jordan at September 16, 2010 01:29 AM
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