September 21, 2010

Great Moments in Fantasy Football

At risk of breaking the "nobody cares about anyone else's fantasy team" rule, a fantasy story from last night:

After losing by more than 100 points in Week 1 in my Philly league, I went into Monday night with a 10-point lead. I had only Frank Gore left to play, and my opponent had only Drew Brees.

Skip ahead to two minutes left in regulation- the fantasy score is tied. The Saints are leading by 8 and the 49ers have the ball. So I'm rooting for the Niners to keep the ball for the rest of regulation, Gore to get points, but for them NOT to tie the game, because the Saints getting the ball back, or overtime, means a chance for Brees to get more points.

So Gore gets a long run, and then he scores a touchdown, to put me ahead. Then the Niners' two-point conversation fails, meaning the Saints get the ball back, will sit on it, Brees gets no more points and I win. BUT, there's a booth review of the two-point conversion, it's reversed, the score is tied and the Saints get the ball back for one more drive.

So Brees has a chance to get enough points to beat me. Fortunately, his couple of completions aren't enough, and the Saints' game-winning field goal means no overtime and I win. Also, my opponent in my national league had Saints kicker Garrett Hartley, but fortunately I was ahead by enough that the field goal didn't matter.

Posted by Stephen Silver at September 21, 2010 07:18 PM

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