September 26, 2010

Sports Radio Moments of the Day

I guess I picked the right week not to be in Philly. The three points of consensus about the Vick/Kolb switch I heard during the Eagles pregame show on the way back from the airport just now:

- Andy Reid had a secret plan all along to play Vick as starting quarterback, and was just stringing Kolb along all the time.

- The QB switch was initiated by ownership, and the move was merely "all about the money."

- Now that he's done this, Andy Reid will never have any credibility ever again.

All three are total, total hooey. For these reasons:
- If Reid had wanted Vick to be the quarterback all along, he'd have named him the quarterback; he had no reason not to do so. He didn't "lie," he just changed his mind.

- How could the Vick/Kolb decision be about money? Both quarterbacks will make the same salary this year whether they start or not, and the team won't sell any more or fewer tickets either way.

- No credibility ever again? What if the Eagles win the next 10 games with Vick? Then he'll be seen as a genius and a visionary and no one will care about the process.

At least it's finally team for the game- then, it's McNabb Week! Speaking of which, Mark Eckel's column today: "Vick: Best QB Since Donovan." Gee, ya think?

Posted by Stephen Silver at September 26, 2010 07:53 PM

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