September 28, 2010

Phillies Clinch at Home After All

The Phillies tonight wrapped up both their fourth straight NL East title and home field advantage throughout the NL playoffs with a win over the Nationals in Washington, and if you thought it was a bummer to clinch on the road, you'd be wrong- the crowd, at the end of the rainy game, appeared to be about 95 percent Philly, including everyone sitting behind home plate and anywhere else within camera view.

Say what you will about Philly fans, but taking over a stadium in another city on a weeknight in the rain- that says something. But it has to be humiliating for for the Nats organization who, I'd imagine, would like to be able to celebrate an NL East title on their own field someday.

Posted by Stephen Silver at September 28, 2010 12:21 AM