October 03, 2010

Quote of the Day

Johnny Goodtimes on the Donovan return:

The Phillies win didnít change many peopleís outlook, and numerous fans are bitter that the Birds still havenít paraded on Broad. Many of these fans, for some reason I cannot quite ascertain, feel that this is something they are owed. Therefore, McNabb essentially took money out of their pockets. He robbed them of their birthright! They spent money on the jersey, they spent money on the seats and $8 hot dogs, and they have stuck by this team through thick and thin. Now give them their damn championship! Theyíve earned it!

While their loyalty is admirable, their belief that they are owed a championship is borderline insane. McNabb no more owed this city a championship than LaDainian Tomlinson owed San Diego a Super Bowl. And yet I am quite confident that if Tomlinson returns to San Diego, he will be treated as a returning hero, not as a villain... the Patriots didnít beat the Eagles in that Super Bowl. The Eagles lost that Super Bowl. The Buccaneers didnít win that NFC Championship game, the Eagles lost it. And why did they lose it? Because McNabb didnít want it bad enough. Just look at the evidence! He smiles too much, and he doesnít behave like a petulant child when he loses, so that must mean that he doesnít give a shit! Appearing to not give a shit is a crime in this town when it comes to sports. It is a lesson McNabb never learned. He will certainly learn it on Sunday, when Eagle Nation boos him mercilessly.

Johnny, like me, is a non-Philly native; that probably has something to do with our feeling the same away about this.

Incidentally, I hope everyone associated with this is as ashamed of themselves as they should be:

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