October 05, 2010

Quote of the Day

Mike Tanier, author of that great, great McNabb article a few weeks ago, on the McNabb ovation:

What I learned today was that the fans who actually go to games are different from the fans who call radio shows, post on the fan blogs, and complain around the water cooler. The ticket-holder fans invests thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours in the home team. These fans experience real joy -- lifestyle-defining, family-and-friends, life-enriching pleasure -- when the home team is playing well and every Sunday has a celebration quality. These fans "get it:" all the tough-guy talk about "one winner and 31 losers" is neither realistic nor fulfilling... Real fans still love the Sundays, love the games, and love the players, and they don't let the loudmouths convince them not to. Thank heavens.
That's from Football Outsiders' weekly, unmissable "Audibles at the Line" column, which is in-game emailed observations from that site's contributors.

Meanwhile, in the other universe, Angelo Cataldi this morning ranted that the "national media" owes Philadelphia an apology for saying that the fans would boo McNabb upon his introduction, when they in fact cheered him. Yes, this Angelo Cataldi:

Outside the Linc, there were pockets of protest, particularly the "boo parade" organized by WIP radio personality Angelo Cataldi the same man who put together the 1999 draft day boofest in New York when McNabb was selected instead of Ricky Williams. About 35 people, including two men on stilts, a juggler and one dressed as a clown walked to the Spectrum next door while voicing their displeasure with the quarterback they dubbed "Dontovan."
We booed! How dare they say we'd boo!

Posted by Stephen Silver at October 5, 2010 02:54 PM

I was saying Boourns!

Posted by: LilB at October 6, 2010 10:43 AM

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