October 07, 2010

Northwest in the Funbag

From Drew Magary's Deadspin Funbag this week:

I'd love to one day join one of those giant fucking mega sports clubs that has an indoor track and squash courts and a pool and all that shit. I'd never use any of that stuff, mind you. But I went to a club like this once in Minnesota and they had a frozen yogurt bar inside the club, so that you could work out and then, after you were done, eat your weight in frozen yogurt and Butterfinger topping. And you could sit and eat and look at all the attractive women walking around in their workout clothes. This was crazy awesome and I demand all gyms have a comparable snack and ogling bar.
I know exactly the club- it's Northwest, the gym I grew up going to. Back then I thought it was normal for gyms to have frozen yogurt bars; something I've never seen in any other gym I've ever been to.

Posted by Stephen Silver at October 7, 2010 03:46 PM

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