October 25, 2010

Brett Goes Down

A bad choice of headlines, perhaps. Then again, it's hard not to do that these days with Favre...

Just a brutal Sunday night game in general. neither the Vikings or the Packers played particularly well, the Vikings had multiple touchdowns overturned, including what appeared to be the game-winner. And, shades of the 1998 NFC championship game, the Vikings just plain gave up with 40 seconds and multiple timeouts left at the end of the first half.

Favre threw three interceptions, all of them terrible, and unless he was "selling" the injury, wrestling-style, he appeared like he could barely walk upright. Which earned him inexplicable praise from the announcers. At one point, when he hurt the ankle and refused to let the trainer look at it, Michaels and Collinsworth talks about this like it was praiseworthy- a wonderful thing, following this last week of hand-wringing over serious NFL injuries.

Is the season over at 2-4? Not quite. But they've now lost as many games as they did all of last year, and I don't see this as the kind of team to have a 7-1 finish to the season.

Posted by Stephen Silver at October 25, 2010 04:18 PM
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